Praise for “Night with Wright”

From Albert Eckian, M.D.

Mr. Totten will lead you on a three hour journey exploring all of the milestone events influencing the art and architectural forms of Frank Lloyd Wright – an American icon.  This richly illustrated presentation is delivered with an upbeat tempo accented with wit and humor that draws in both the expert and the novice.

With respect to the professional depth and passion of Mr. Totten’s delivery, I am reminded of the great American lecturer Vincent Scully, Jr.  This is the hottest ticket in Central Florida, so make your reservations quickly.

From Kevin Robson of

I was not a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright or even architecture in general, but friends asked us to attend “Night with Wright.”  What we experienced was something right out of Shakespeare:  intrigue, romance, murder.  I even learned a little bit about architecture during this spellbinding presentation!

From Connie Giacobbe, Programs, Chairman for the Visual Arts Association of The Villages

As you heard by the applause, the crowd loved the presentation and you!  I am always pleased to soak up knowledge from someone who has a passion for what they are speaking about and you have a wonderful passion for Frank Lloyd Wright, which shows in you presentation.

From Carrie Radam, Librarian, Ormond Beach Regional Library
Tim Totten’s program on the Genius Life of Frank Lloyd Wright was very engaging and well presented. Our auditorium was packed and we received many positive comments from patrons following the program. We plan to invite him back to give another Wright presentation.
From Marlene Blye, Director of the Eustis Memorial Library

Expecting a sharp study into to the life and works of Frank Lloyd Wright, I sat in on Tim Totten’s series of well attended presentations. To say that I was not disappointed does not go far enough to describe the presentations’ hilarity, many vivid images, insights and engaging stories that held their suspense to the delightful end. I left each session feeling enlightened.

From Michael Holland, Eustis City Commissioner

I’ve sat through dozens of dry lectures full of useful information and others that had energetic presenters that didn’t know their facts.  But Mr. Totten has found a way to combine genuine architectural analysis with a fascinating American story.  His tale is one part college-level art appreciation course and one part professional theater.  I liked it so much, I’d attend again!

From Barbara Murray, Programs Director for the Friends of the Deland Library

I had many compliments on your presentation today. Your enthusiasm for the topic certainly comes through with your speaking.
Your background in architecture is certainly a plus for this topic, but you did not “overload” us with technical information. We had an enjoyable, entertaining, and high informative afternoon.


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