About the Presenter

Timothy Totten is a serial entrepreneur, historical presenter, architectural enthusiast and non-profit race director.

Totten has studied the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright for more than 26 years, visiting almost 300 Wright-designed buildings across the United States.  He has given his “Night with Wright” presentations at historical societies, museums, Frank Lloyd Wright properties, libraries and event centers for the past several years.  Several of his presentations have been approved for AIA continuing education credits.

In addition to FLLW storytelling, Totten also finds time to volunteer, create and direct the Amazing Race for Charity, a 501(c)(3) organization based in Eustis, Florida. Amazing Race for Charity  Tim is the co-organizer of TEDxEustis.  TEDxEustis

He is also the managing partner and head product designer for Final Embrace, LLC, a very successful company, established in 2001, that is the largest producer and manufacturer of his line of products for the funeral industry in the world.  Final Embrace, LLC  Tim is also  partner in a successful company, FunVenture, LLC, creating game experiences for adults.  FunVenture, LLC

Tim also created and presents to live audiences, the popular local Lake County series, Living Legends of Lake County.

Born in Orlando, Florida, he lives in Eustis with his 21 year old son, Jacob.


It all started at age 13, when my mother responded to my simple interest in architecture with a book about Frank Lloyd Wright that she found at a garage sale.  That volume by Vincent Scully, Jr., complete with black-and-white photos of Wright’s buildings, led to the library, the bookstore and, eventually, the campus of Florida Southern College to see an actual Frank Lloyd Wright building in person.

A year of architecture school at the University of Florida led to a successful career as a product designer and business owner.  In 25 years, I’ve bought or borrowed hundreds of books about Frank Lloyd Wright, watched dozens of documentaries and television specials, and visited more than 200 Wright-designed structures.  And even though I’m approaching my forties, I still revert to a 13-year old sense of wonder and excitement when I find a new book, see original floorplans for first time or drive up to one of the 300+ buildings still on my bucket list; luckily, I’ve learned how to suppress the natural desire to squeal like a teenager!

It is this joy that drives my entertaining lecture series about the life and work of my favorite architect and the man voted by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) as the greatest American Architect of all time.

Contact Tim at email or call 352-242-8111.